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TE PERSPECTIVE has created the brand identity for SICK, a nu metal band that embodies the concept of ‘human rights’. Through their music, it encourages people to stand up against hate and injustice, and against racism.
Nu metal was established in the 1990’s but conquered the mainstream in the early 2000’s. It combined rap and scream vocals with mid-tempo downtrend guitars, arguably laying the foundation for most of the modern metal we listen to today. Although the genre died in 2003 but it never really went away. 4 teenagers whom grew up listening to nu metal were becoming young adults, they met each other by chance and decided to form a band and make music of their own — SICK. Naturally, elements of nu metal began seeping into their creations, they twisted the music into their original take, making something solid yet disparate — something more than mere nostalgia.
Our work with them focuses on how to translate the band’s music and concept into visual, and extend that across all touchpoints — from the logo, to social media, to album cover, to photography, and to merchandise. The visual for their first album Fakta System is inspired by the historical moment from the Black Live Matters protesters in Bristol that have pulled down a statue of the slave trader Edward Colston. It was a very significant moment that shows our standing solidarity against inequality.
Task: Brand Identity
Category: Music
Art direction: TE PERSPECTIVE
Design: TE, May Kim
Photography: George Chong, Freeman Chin
Album cover photo: Harry Pugsley